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Thank you for visiting Become a hypnotist now. We have had the website crash, and the backup was corrupt, so we are currently “under construction.” Please keep checking back for updates and classes.

Hypnotist Mike Valmar

Here at Become A Hypnotist Now, we strive for the best in hypnosis training. If you are interested and want to become a hypnotist now, please contact us for more information. We offer hypnosis training in my local area (central Florida). We can also schedule sessions in your local area.


Be a Hypnotist –  about our training

Our hypnosis training offers a complete A-Z outline. Not only do we offer both clinical hypnosis, but we also include comedy hypnosis stage training as well. Mike Valmar is a certified hypnotist, and instructor as well. Our program come with workbooks, DVD’s, handouts, and a certified certificate from the National Gild of Hypnotists (NGH). Also included is a marketing and business session. This is a complete “business in a box”. After training, you will be all set to start your own business! I will also include my personal “secret” marketing and promoting tools, handouts, and website tools. NO other hypnotist will include all these extras for FREE. Our pricing is very affordable, so contact us today.


Become a Hypnotist with our complete package

This is truly a “total package” with full support and mentoring, even after the class. So if you want to become a hypnotist now, either for fun or profit, this is your chance to really be a hypnotist. Our hypnosis training is easy, and fun. You will hypnotize someone within the first two days of class. If there is a venue close by, we also try to schedule a comedy hypnosis show. If you choose to do this, we also include a free video of your performance.

Also, please check out the video page to see what some of our Be A Hypnotist Now students say about our classes.

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