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Mike Valmar is a certified hypnotist, instructor, and webmaster. I have a very outgoing personality, and love to help people. Even as a kid, I always stuck up for the underdog. I make learning fun, and offer a interactive class. As a past school board teacher, I know how to get the information to you without being boring. As I stated on my Home page We offer a complete A-Z hypnosis class. If you want to become a Hypnotist, This is the best deal anyone offers for a sensible price.

I always work on improving my own hypnotist skills, and always work on more college credit. Besides my comedy and clinical work, I also own a entertainment company, and offer DJ and karaoke. I have done shows for NASA, Florida Governer Scott, Stadiums, fairs, and even private yachts. I have the teaching and hypnosis experance to garentee you an excellent learning envierment. For more information, please stop by our Contact page

Remember, if you want to become a hypnotist, we make if fun and easy to accomplish. You CAN be a hypnotist, and have a big advantage over others with less qualified instructors

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